Beach Cottage

Dreaming of a beach house, but feel it is out of reach. Conveniently located near White Stone, it is situated on a protected creek, just off the Rappahannock River.

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Shoreline Cottage

Nestled right on the water’s edge with a deck & dock, this place is perfect for launching a day of fishing or just splashing in the creek with the kids.

Living Room

The bright, living room offers a cozy place to relax.


While the porch is perfect for prepping outdoor gear.


The waterside deck, practically over hanging the water, is ideal for dining and entertaining.


Guestroom 3

The two bedrooms offer a retreat to stretch out and listen to waves lapping the shore.


The ship-shape kitchen is efficient and light-filled.


And of course, the dock and views are the highlight of this coastal life.

Straw Hat

Hang your hat and enjoy the easy coastal life that you thought may forever elude you.

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